Technical Parameters of Amorphous Alloy Transformer Core

(Hitachi Material)

1. Material:

Amorphous alloy ribbon 2605SA1, Hitachi, Japan

2. Operating Flux Density:

Typical Single Phase: 1.3-1.4 Tesla

Typical Three Phase: 1.25-1.35 Tesla

3. Core Space Factor:

Guaranteed Minimum: 86%

4. No-load Core Loss and Exciting Power(see Fig.1 and Fig.2):




  • According to customer needs, the no-load core loss and exciting power can be recommended a separate design and processing.

  • The no-load loss and exciting power of the three phase-three column entire core will be design according to condition of the core.

5. Core Design Standards (see Fig.3)

1) Ribbon width:142mm;170mm; 213mm

2) Window height(A):180~2000mm; tolerance:+3 /-0mm

3) Window width(B):55~1500mm; tolerance:+3 /-0mm

4) Core build(C):0~300mm; maximum

5) Joint build(E):C x 1.11~1.25mm;

6) Window radius(R):6.4+/-1.5mm;

7) Outermost layer shearing length: not more than10000mm;

8) Epoxy resin is coated on the core surface, not more than 2mm each side. (according to the demand of customer)

9) Core width(D):≤Ribbon width+4mm

Note: The special requirements, including the core structure of three-phase three-column, can be processed in accordance with the specific requirements of the design. (see Fig.4)