Beijing ZJLG Amorphous Technology Co., LTD (ZJLG Amorphous) was founded in 2005, and was later restructured into joint-stock company in 2008. ZJLG Amorphous was listed in new SanBan system listing, with stock code 430041 and registered capital of 38 million RMB.

Through several years’ of development, ZJLG Amorphous has built a solid enterprise technology center and has three production manufactories located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Furthermore, ZJLG Amorphous have 165 employees including 13 scientific research specialists, 17 sets of special production lines, and the world's largest equipment set for amorphous core production, and has met the production capacity of 15,000 tons for amorphous core processing.

As for invention, ZJLG Amorphous have 64 items for utility model patents; which 7 of them have been authorized. In addition, ZJLG Amorphous established close cooperation with Hitachi Metal Corporation and Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd. (currently, they are one of the two power transformer companies for amorphous alloy strip supply in the world) and other two hundreds amorphous transformer manufacture enterprises. Thus, ZJLG Amorphous have become amorphous alloy core professional production enterprise with the biggest output, most varieties and standards in China.