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  Beijing ZJLG Amorphous Technology Co., LTD (ZJLG Amorphous) are focusing on research and manufacture of amorphous alloy transformer core with high efficiency and low energy expenditure. Our core is the only equated product in china that has through the inspection of the National transformer quality supervision and inspection center. Mainly applied to all kinds of capacities’ transformer, including single-phase, three-phase three legs and three-phase five legs for oil-immersed transformer and dry type transformer. The single-phase transformer’s capacity has no capacity limitation. The three-phase three legs complete coating transformers’ has the limitation of 10,000 KVA for oil-immersed and 4000KVA for dry type, the three-phase five legs transformers’ has the limitation of 10000KVA for oil-immersed and 5000KVA for the dry type. At present, ZJLG Amorphous customers may limit the noise within 58dB for 2000KVA dry type transformer and 50dB for 800KVA dry type transformer.

ZJLG Amorphous implements management system according to ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 which is qualified as a high and new technology enterprise, and was also nominated as one of The One Hundred Companies for the year 2008’s Zhongguancun innovative enterprise award and was granted with the enterprise credit level Azc +.